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Objects Sixty-five Miles Away Plainly Seen at Fryburg.

A wonderful mirage, three hours in length, enabled the residents of Fryburg to see objects sixty-five miles away. The Kildeer mountains appeared to be almost adjoining the townsite and the changing lights and shades on the mountains and on Rainy and other buttes held people entranced.

Sentinel butte, thirty-four miles away, could be plainly seen. Down in Hettinger county New England, the terminal town of the Great Northern, was in evidence and a train could be seen steaming along near the town. The distance is forty miles.

Many other places equally distant were easily in view. In former years mirages were frequent, but are less often seen nowadays.

Fryberg is 2,790 feet above sea level and is one of the highest points along the main line of the Northern Pacific.

Oakes Times, 2/5/1914

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