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As a sequel to the horsewhipping on the Northern Pacific train when Capt. Mullet arrived at Glyndon he swore out a warrant for the arrest of both Mrs. Jewett and her husband, the latter being charged with aiding and abetting. They were brought to Moorhead by a constable, and Mr. and Mrs. Jewett taken to Glyndon for a hearing before Justice Osborne. The facts in the case seem to be that Mrs. Jewett borrowed a ring from Capt. Mullett, granting him certain favors, but the captain, it appears, repented of his generosity and brought suit in Moorhead to recover the ring. The captain's statement on the stand caused the cowhiding.

Cooperstown Courier, 2/15/1884

The Horsewhipping Case.

Minneapolis, Feb. 5.—Glyndon, Minn. special: The Mullett-Jewett case adjourned to Tuesday, February 12. This is a case growing out of loaning a diamond ring by Capt. Mullett, of Glyndon, to Maud Jewett, of Moorhead. Mullett sued to recover the ring and was publicly horsewhipped by the woman for which she was arrested and bailed, pending examination for assault with a dangerous weapon.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 2/8/1884

The injuries of Capt. Mullett, who was horsewhipped by Maud Jewett at Moorhead, were quite serious, and he was delirious for a time but is mending. The case against the Jewetts was deferred to February 12. The Glyndon Times, at the house of the captain, states the casus belli thus:

Early last week Captain Mullett and a diamond ring of his parted company, the ring going into the possession of the woman Jewett; she claims the ring was given in consideration of favors shown Mullett, but he says it was loaned merely that she might wear it at a party. On Saturday he instituted criminal proceedings, procuring the arrest of Maud Jewett, for alleged theft of the ring. She is now under bonds to appear in Justice Syron's court, Moorhead, February 7, to answer this charge. Out of this variance grew the assault of Tuesday night.

St Paul Globe, 2/4/1884

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