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Minot, Jan. 25—The contents of the stomach of John E. Tofflemire, Sawyer banker who died in the Minot police station after being picked up by the police who found him in a helpless condition on the street, will be sent to the state laboratories at Grand Forks for analysis to determine if poison whiskey was the cause of his death. The coroner's jury consisting of Fred Almy, L. A. Cory and John Nelson, held an inquest yesterday afternoon and adjourned for one week until a report is received by Coroner R. W. Pence regarding the result of the analysis.

It had been learned that Mr. Tofflemire had a hundred dollar bill on his person when he came to Minot and the police have been asked to ascertain where the bill went to. When taken to the police station, Tofflemire had $6.99 in his pocket.

No trace has been found of the bottle of whiskey taken from Tofflemire which was stolen by someone in the crowd which gathered at the police station when Tofflemire was carried in.

Bismarck Tribune, 1-25-1921

The Machine and Liquor

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