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Seven Indians Killed by an Explosion of Gasoline Near Cannon Ball Sub-Station

Seven Indians Are Killed Outright and Two Others Will Die from Injuries

Tank of Gasoline Found by an Indian and Thought to be Kerosene

Fort Yates, N.D., Dec 15. (Special.) An explosion occurred at 8p.m. December 13, five miles south of Cannonball substation. The cause of the explosion was the igniting of a thirty-gallon tank of gasoline, injuring nine people, in all of which seven died instantly, being cremated in the flames. The gasoline had been found by No Heart, an Indian, on the banks of the Missouri river and brought it to his house thinking it was kerosene or coal oil. Black Cloud and his wife, neighbors living near by, went to No Heart's to borrow some oil. Black Cloud, on lighting a match and holding it over the thank to see how to get the oil, accidentally let the match drop in the tank causing an immediate explosion. The names so far as learned are: Mr. and Mrs. Black Cloud and their 2 year old son, George Bingenheimer Black Cloud, Mr. and Mrs. No Heart and their four children, whose names have not yet been learned. The two rescued from the flames will die.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 12-15-1900

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