Died From The Effects

A Hypnotist.

Out at Minot the people are greatly amused over the experience of a hypnotist from a neighboring village and one of his local subjects. The subject, who is a clerk, obeyed all the instructions of the "professor" at the first evening's entertainment—went to sleep, went fishing, barked like a dog, picked strawberries from the floor and did the other things that a well-regulated hypnotic subject is supposed to do. At the command of the hypnotist he found the prettiest girl in the hall and kissed her, and was awakened, to his intense confusion, as he was repeating the performance. On the next evening he again acted as a subject, and was even more satisfactory than before. An osculatory number was on the program this time and the subject well performed his part, but he failed to obey the command to quit and wake up. On the contrary, he gave evidence of an intention to continue this part of the program until the supply of pretty girls was exhausted, and the professor had to restrain him by force. The subject was not violent, but failed utterly to respond to any further commands by the entertainer.

At length, with visions of the gallows before him, the unfortunate hypnotist announced that he could do nothing more and that from the condition of the patient he feared that the services of a physician would be necessary at once, and he did not know that even a physician could do anything. A messenger was about to be dispatched for the nearest doctor when the patient, having no inclination for drugs, remarked that he would prefer cigars, and the agony of the professor was over. When he next essays a public entertainment he will demand a bond that the subject will not play possum.

Cooperstown Courier, 3/5/1903

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