H. W. Hoffman of That City Forced to Give Up All He Had.

Fargo, N. D. Feb. 27.—With two revolvers pointed at his head H. W. Hoffman was compelled to lie down beside the sidewalk on Fifth avenue between Ninth and Tenth street south while he was robbed of his money and watch.

Mr. Hoffman, who lately moved into the city from the country, was returning from the city to his home at 517 Tenth street south on the evening named when he noticed two men standing on the sidewalk. He thought nothing of this at the time, but just as he came up to them one man stepped to one side of the walk and the other took the other side and he saw that they wore masks. He was told he would be killed if he made an outcry and they brandished the guns they had in their hands.

At the word of command Mr. Hoffman laid down beside the walk and then the two men went through him. All the money he had in his pocket was $1.25 and this they took together with his watch.

They did not attempt to abuse him in any way, but before leaving informed him that they would be watching him and that he had better go on his way home without making any outcry until they were out of sight.

He cannot give a very good description of the two men.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 2/27/1913

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