Saved The House

Mrs. Arthur J. Coffre of Esmond, N. D., formerly Miss Thronie Welch of Kenmare, N. D., who is known as the most fearless horsewoman in that vicinity, while riding an outlaw broncho was thrown and severely injured. The horse had thrown all the men who had attempted to ride him, but Mrs. Coffre was determined to live up to her reputation as a broncho buster and conquer the beast. She was helped to mount but the moment she was on the beast's back he started to rear and buck in a savage manner. Blood started to flow from Mrs. Coffre's mouth, but she clung on desperately for ten minutes and suddenly without warning the horse reared over backwards, breaking her neck and throwing the plucky woman to the ground, where she lay unconscious. It was first thought Mrs. Coffre was dead, but later it was learned that she was only severely injured and has a chance to recover. Riding in a side saddle was all that saved her life.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/3/1913


Posted 02/01/2018