Outlaw Broncho

Bowlder Crushes Farm Hand.

Bemis.—While William Vogt and another farm hand on the Louis Gerberding farm, a mile west of here, were removing rocks, Vogt was instantly killed by a huge bowlder which fell on him. The two men had found the huge rock too large to be hauled off the field, so had dug a large hole, in which they intended to bury it. When they tried to roll the rock into the hole they were unable to move it. Vogt thereupon jumped into the hole to see what was holding the bowlder, when suddenly the earth crumbled under the stone and it rolled into the hole on top of the young man, crushing him to death almost instantly. Vogt was 27 years of age and was engaged to be married to a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerberding in the spring.

Sioux County Pioneer, 1/7/1916


Posted 02/02/2018