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Three Arrests in Opium Haul

Narcotic Agents Make Raid in Devils Lake

Devils Lake, N.D., May 23.—Quantities of opium and cocaine valued respectively at $600 and $700 were seized here last night when R.C. Henderson, federal narcotic agent, with headquarters in Fargo and Minneapolis, arrested Earl Gray and Guy Wells, negroes. Gray was arrested while in the act of selling opium to a white man on the streets here and when searched he had in his possessions 29 cans of the drug. Assisted by Sheriff Ed Elliott and Police Chief Peter Timboe, the federal officer then raided the home of Mrs. Effie Gregg, colored, where Gray and Wells lived, and found the largest quantity of cocaine yet taken in this part of the country. They also found a complete opium smoking outfit including a pipe, lamp and several quantities of Yen Shio, or smoked opium. Gray Wells and Mrs. Gregg were placed under arrest.

The raid was one of four made on negro homes in the city last night. A posse of 13 deputy sheriffs was formed for the raids. The local authorities have been working on the cases for the last three weeks, having had information that there is a well organized dope ring in the city. In the raids on the other places all the officers found was quantities of home brew. A short time ago federal officials raided a Chinese restaurant in the city and siezed more than $500 worth of opium.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-24-1922

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