Teachers Do Not Run Their Schools Right

Odense Farmer to be Examined by Insanity Baord at Mandan Tomorrow

Mandan, N.D., May 3.—Eugene Duffy, Odense farmer, was yesterday morning arraigned before the County Judge Johnson for an insanity hearing.

Duffy believes he owns all the land in the country and thinks that schoolteachers do not run their schools right.

His main delusion is that he brews over the fact that a man should own all the land north of a section line when the description of the land says "N". It makes no difference to him whether it is the Northwest One Quarter of Section 10 or not so long as it has the letter "N" in the description he owns all the land north of that piece of land.

In reality he owns 160 acres but he emphatically insists that he owns 800 acres. He has worried over the matter until he has become insane.

He also harbors the belief that all the school children are in trouble, and that they have not the proper kind of seats, believing that if they lean one certain way they will severely injure themselves.

Before being taken into the custody of the county officials, he visited a number of schools and advised the teachers that the seats would have to be fixed different.

Duffy has been a resident of the Odense vicinity for a number of years. He is a single man and is about 45 years old. He will be examined by the insanity board tomorrow, and will no doubt be committed to the state asylum.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/3/1917

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