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Redfield, S.D., May 13. William Issenbuth, state's attorney, was shot and slightly wounded today by Wm. Tomasen, a young man who is not considered sane. The shooting took place about 10 o'clock this morning Issenbuth's office.

Thomasen, standing in the hallway just outside of the office, fired three shots with a .38 calibre revolver and Issenbuth, who was seated at his desk in the office. The second shot fired took effect, the bullet striking Issenbuth in the left hip.

As Issenbuth then tried to make his escape into antother room, Tomsen followed him, but before he could do so he was seized and overpowered by S.A. Black and A. D. Moore, both of Mellette, who were in the office at the time. Tomsen carried two revolvers.

Mr. Issenbuth was taken to Aberdeen for treatment of his wound, which is not considered serious.

Tomsen lives south of Redfield. His sanity has been questioned for some time and he has lately been suffering from the delusion that Mr. Issenbuth, who has fall took official notice of his condition, has been persecuting him.

Drs. Chichester of Redfield and Murdy in a search for the bullet with the X-ray located it four or five inches from the end of the spinal column, but were unable to remove it.

The patient was resting well early this morning in St. Luke's hospital.

His wife and brothre, E.C. Issenbuth, and Father MacCannachle attended him from Redfield.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 5/13/1911

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