Badly Crushed

Saved The Girl.

Chief of Police Lowe and Conductor W. H. McCraw of Grand Forks are credited with nipping an elopement in the bud early Sunday morning, when a Lakota young woman was taken in charge at the station and returned home. It appears that a man named Applegate, of St. Paul, who had been working on a farm near Lakota left the place Saturday, and with him came the farmer's daughter. Fearing that the daughter intended to elope the father wired the conductor of the early morning train and upon its arrival the police had no difficulty in locating the young woman in this case. Applegate had bought tickets for himself and the young woman to this city, and both left the train here. She admitted that they were going on east, but he claimed that she was coming to Grand Forks, while he was going to his home at St. Paul, where it is said that he has a family. The young woman was sent back to Lakota and her parents yestreday morning.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/8/1905

Weapons Concealed

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