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Murderous Assault on Foster County Farmer by a Neighbor.

A serious assault is reported from Carrington by which a brother of Mrs. J. G. Wyard of this city, came near losing his life. While David Buchanan was hitching his team to a wagon Friday afternoon he was approached by a neighbor by the name of Simmons who made a complaint about stock bothering him. Words ensued and Buchanan was knocked down with a neckyoke, his nose broken, skull fractured and several scalp wounds inflicted. Mrs. Buchanan saw the first blow struck and ran to the assistance of her husbaud {sp} only to see him struck several times while lying prostrate on the ground. She caught hold of Simmons and called for help, but before it came the fellow wrenched himself away and escaped. Mr. Buchanan was brought to Carrington—he lives but a few miles from the town—and medical treatment secured. A long gash in the back of the head and another in the face were sewed up and the patient made as comfortable as possible. Word received since states that he us much improved and will pull through the night.

The sheriff went out immediately after Simmons but was unable to find him.

Jamestown Alert, 5/30/1895

Confident of Success

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