Thrown Overboard

The Termination of a Mouse River Tragedy.

Special to the Alert.

Bismarck, May 1—Early in last December a man by the name of Jack Woodruff mysteriously disappeared from his home on Mouse river and a many by the name of Chas. Bailey was suspected of foul play. Bailey told so many different stories that he was suspected by the citizens of having a hand in Woodruff's disappearance and a close watch was kept on his movements. On the 8th day of April he crossed the Mouse river and on the 9th struck out for the Canadian line with his wife and family and the stock formerly belonging to Woodruff. A volunteer party was formed to follow Bailey. The party were out four days and captured Bailey about 4 miles below the forks. They told him he was suspected of murder and that he must go with them. He said all right but requested they go above the forks and and {sp} get his family. William Wilson and D. Weston remained to guard the prisoner while the rest went for the family. While waiting Wilson went to a stable near by and Weston sat down to write a letter, leaving his gun in a corner. Bailey grabbed the gun and started to run when he was met by Wilson who ordered him to stop which he refused to do. Shots were exchanged, the one fired by Wilson taking effect passing entirely through Bailey's body and one arm. Bailey lived three hours and confessed to the murder of Woodruff and said he had thrown the body in the river. Wilson came to Bismarck to-day and gave himself up to the authorities bringing with him a written statement of the confession of Bailey, testified to by those who heard it, some six or eight in number.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 5/4/1883

Dope Fiend

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