Ross Hangs


It seems necessary to give the Milnor Teller as authority for the following: Several years ago Charles Blythe was accidentally shot in the mouth with a 22-calibre rifle, and the ball lodged in his neck or throat in such a way as to render any attempt to secure the ball impossible. It did not trouble him much and day by day the wound gradually healed, so that it was hardly ever noticed by Mr. Blythe in after years. Last week, however, things took a turn in his throat, and he felt a queer sensation in his throat, which caused him to cough unusually hard, and during one of these hard coughing spells, the bullet was thrown out. And now Charlie carries the bullet in a bottle as a souvenir, after carrying it in his throat over twenty years.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/29/1901


Posted 05/02/2014