Behind The Right Ear


A man supposed to be John B. Williams, of Rigdon, Ind., was drowned in Devils Lake Sunday afternoon by falling overboard from one of Captain Heerman's steamboats. The accident took place just as the boat was getting ready to land on the Fort Totten side. None of the passengers on board saw the man fall. The accident was witnessed by a number of people on the dock, and it is said that just before he fell he was seen to take a drink from a bottle. The man was more or less intoxicated, and shortly before the accident happened congratulated himself upon having made a safe voyage across, seemingly being afraid something would happen. The alarm was sounded by the engineer and row boats lowered for the purpose of rescuing the drowning man, but before he could be reached his body disappeared. The unfortunate man seem to have been a stranger in these parts. He had been working at the carpenter's trade for about three weeks for Superintendent Davis at the Fort, and little was known of him. The body was found Tuesday and was brought to this city for burial.

Devils Lake Inter Ocean, 5/23/1902

Pulling A Thread

Posted 05/24/2018