Woodworth Farmer Killed By Transient.

Woodworth, N. D., Sept.22 —Gunder Olson, a farmer, was killed Monday by being accidentally shot by a gun in the hands of Theodore Bly, a transient harvest hand from Colton, S. D. Nelson and Bly were hauling hay, when Nelson called the attention of Bly to some chickens in the road ahead.

Bly fired, and another chicken got up. In throwing another shell into the chamber of the repeater his glove caught on the trigger and the gun went off, the shot striking Nelson behind the right ear. The coroner held an examination and found it was purely accidental. Bly is held blameless. The deceased leaves a wife and five sons.

Ward County Independent, 9/30/1915

More Or Less Intoxicated

Posted 05/23/2018