Touching a Bush


Cart Stolen From Depot Also Discovered in Queer Place.

The police found a large trunk on the bank of the creek just east of Valley City. The trunk was on the bank and a cart belonging to the Northern Pacific stood in the creek. As there was fresh snow on the ground the cart was tracked through the woods and over the hill to the southeast of town. The cart had been missed from the local station and reported. The trunk, which evidently had been taken from the station, had not been missed.

It was thought the trunk belonged in town and would be called for next morning, as it had not been claimed. Chief Burt opened it and found it filled with a woman's clothing of a good quality. There were a number of letters in the trunk, some of which were addressed to Miss Edna Jackson, Verndale, Minn., and others to the same person at Denhoff, N.D. It is supposed that the woman was transferring here and the trunk was stolen by some crazy or drunken man and wheeled about until he got into the creek. The police are strongly inclined to believe that the man may have met with some mishap and that his body may be in the creek.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 4/18/1907

Shattered Jaw

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