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Girl Who Killed to Vindicate Herself Reaches Trial

Stanley, N.D., Mar 2(UP)—Alice Holst, 17, who killed the man she said wronged her, to vindicate herself in the esteem of her lover, goes on trial here today.

She is expected to plead "not guilty" to first degree murder charges and the jury must decide whether will pay a penalty for shooting to death William Nafus, 20, in a Sanish pool hall December 13.

Following the murder, Alice, a waitress in the lunch room adjoining the pool hall, told authorities that she had shot Nafus and "was glad she had". She refused to talk further about the matter.

From her father and her fiancee, a young barber in Sanish, it was learned that Alice charged Nafus with having tried to force his attentions upon her and having followed her one night as she went home from work. He forced her, the father said, into a deserted schoolhouse.

Alice's grief became intense when Nafus bragged of his act and word of it reached her lover. The latter chided her.

Then Alice took a revolver, went to the pool hall and called Nafus to the door. While he backed away pleading, "Don't shoot Sis," she pulled the trigger and he fell dead.

Tyrone (PA) Daily Herald, 3-2-1927

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