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Alice Holst Not Sorry She Killed Nafus

Prolonged Brooding Over Wrong Man Is Alleged To Have Done Her Cause.

Stanley, N.D.—Expressing no regret for the slaying of William Nafus at Sanish on Monday afternoon, Alice Holst, 20-year-old daughter of well-known farmers residing between Van Hook and Sanish, today is held in the custody of Sheriff Odin Stray in this city while authorities are going forward with the preparations to file a charge of first degree murder against her.

Conviction on the charge would subject the bobbed-haired, unassuming slayer to a sentence of life imprisonment in the state penitentiary.

"It was my own act and deed and if I had it to do over again, I'd do the same. No one prompted me to do it, and I'm not sorry," was the statement reported to have been made by the girl to Sheriff Stray and State's Attorney C. N. Cottonham of Stanley, who brought her to this city late yesterday from Sanish.

Broods Over Wrong

The nights and days of brooding over a wrong which Nafus is alleged to have perpetrated upon her is the major motive which is believed by authorities to have resulted in the girl shooting Nafus in the {illeg.} pool hall at Sanish.

Bismarck Tribune, 12/15/1926

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