Aunt Mary Daley


A Very Pleasant Leap Year Party Given at the Home of Miss Roberts at Which Everything Was Carried Out In Genuine Leap Year Style

The Leap Year party given Monday night at the home of Miss Roberts was a grand success. All were present that were invited, and the main objects of entertainment were a written proposal contest in which prizes were given for the best and poorest proposals, by the ladies and answers to the same by the gentlemen.

The ladies recieving prizes were Miss Lizzie Palmer first prize and Miss Henrietta Falk booby prize. Both prizes were very nice.

The gentlemen winning prizes for the best and poorest answers to the proposals were, Olie Sather, first prize and Ray Reinheimer booby prize.

The next was a heart and mitten contest. Each gentlemen was supplied with one heart and five mittens, then the ladies with nice words and sweet smiles were to win the heart or mittens from the gentlemen. If the gentlemen said "no," they were to give the lady a mitten and if it was a "yes" they were to give them the heart. My! but it was fun, and gives the fellow a funny feeling. Prizes were given to the lady wining {sp} the most hearts and the one wining {sp} the most mittens.

Miss Ida Brasington, won the most hearts, and received, as a prize, a beautiful picture, and Miss May Roberts won the most mittens and received a musical whistle as a prize. All seemed to be well pleased with the prizes they received. After these two most interesting features of the evening's entertainment were over, light refreshments were served. The gentlemen waited on the table, carrying out the idea of Leap Year in its fullest. Shortly after the company retired to their homes well pleased with their evening's entertainment.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 3/3/1904


Posted 02/29/2016