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Three men made an attack on Pete Gaffney this morning and with stones and fists were going to "do him up plenty." Mr. Gaffney got one of the men down and was doing a little landscape gardening on his physiognomy when the entire bunch was coralled {sp} by the police. It is understood that one of the men testified in a case last spring in which Mr. Gaffney was interested and with the help of the others was going to do him up. He is also said to be one of the four men who last evening attempted to run in a bluff on Deputy Sheriff Hedrick of South Dakota. They met the deputy on the street and told him about an alleged "spotter" in town that they were going to "fix." When their bluff was "called" there was a scattering.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 9/16/1897


Posted 09/22/2017