Wicked Boy


Rescuer Lowered Head First and Takes Her Out Unconscious.

Miss Marie Schmidt, working in the Schilling hotel at Oriska, attempted suicide by jumping into a well. She left a note addressed to God and everybody, stating that life held no charms for her. The well was curbed with 18-inch tile which was covered with ice. How to get her out was a question.

After some delay a man named Olson volunteered to go down. A heavy rope was tied tightly around his ankles and he was let down head first. The well was about twenty feet deep and the water was up to the girl's chin. He took hold of her and gave the signal to hoist. Six men had hard work to raise them and when up about half way Olson lost his hold and the girl again dropped to the bottom of the well.

He was let down again, secured another hold and his time was hailed to the top with the girl who weighed 165 pounds. The girl was unconscious and blood was running from Olson's mouth nose and ears. Miss Schmidt is twenty-two years of age.

Ward County Indepdendent, 4/6/1911

Unrecognizable Mass

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