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Horse Thief of Old Variety is Being Sought

Mitchell, S.D., July 17.—A real live horsethief, clad in chaps, corduroy trousers, high-heeled cowboy boots, spurs, bandana handkerchief and broad-brimmed Stetson hat is galloping somewhere between Kimball and Mitchell, according to the police.

The sheriff of Jones county telephoned Police Chief E.E. Owens this morning to be on the lookout for the man who, it is alleged, stole a horse near Murdo. The police were informed that such a man has passed through Kimball riding eastward. If he is not picked up before, he is expected to arrive in Mitchell today where in these days of automobiles, a horse thieif will be regarded as a curiosity.

The Bismarck Tribune, 7-17-1920

The Forbidden Woman

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