The Fourth

Chicken Rustlers

Valley City, N.D., May 16.—Sheriff Larson picked up two alleged chicken thieves on the steet {sp} and they are now resting in the county jail awaiting their hearing which will be before Judge I.J. Mow. Their names are J.H. Stevens and E.W. Engler and they claim Pine City, Minn., as their home. There have been numerous reports from farmers in the district of the loss of chickens and officials have been led to believe that someone was making a regular business of chicken stealing. Joe Starke reported the loss of a large number of chickens about ten days ago and John Ravelin also reported a loss so the sheriff was keeping an eye out for possible thieves. They were found on the street with an auto with chicken crates in the rear of the car covered with blankets. It is thought that they have been stealing chickens and hauling them to Fargo for disposal in the rear of their car.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-16-1922

Third Angle

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