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Chas. Kaiser Hit By Engine At Dickinson

Was Walking Through Yards To Catch Early Morning Freight Train.

Sustained Severe Internal Injuries and Was Rushed to Hospital at Bismarck.

Charles Kaiser of Bismarck, who travels for the Armour Packing company, was hit by a switch engine in the freight yards at Dickinson Tuesday morning at 6:30 o'clock and sistained severe internal injuries. He was rushed to Bismarck on Train 2 and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

It seems that Mr. Kaiser was on his way to catch an early morning freight train for the west, and was walking through the yards. He was following a path between two tracks, and the switch engine came up from behind him, giving no warning of its approach, so it is said that Mr. Kaiser was struck in the small of the back and hurled to the ground. He miraculously escaped falling under the wheels although his feet were against one rail and the cloth of his trouser was cut by the wheels.

He was rendered unconscious for some time, and was hurried to Bismarck as soon as he regained consciousness. Fortunately no bones were broken. He was badly injured internally and his spinal cord was affected. While he was not in a critical condition Tuesday evening it is feared his injuries may prove more serious than they seem.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 2/15/1911

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