Tore Things Up


Dickinson Member of "Frenzied Finance" Club Must Also Pay $700 for His Peculations.

C. F. Merry, the promoter of a railroad south from Dickinson, has been sentenced to eight months in the county jail, a fine of $200 and costs, fixed by the court at $500. Merry was convicted of obtaining money under false pretenses. Merry has been in all sort of promotion schemes for many years, but this is the first time that he has been convicted by jury at home. He had already spent the winter in the Adams county jail, being unable to secure bonds until the time of court last month. Three years ago Merry served a term in the county jail at Moorhead, Minn., for soliciting money for a life insurance company which he had organized and for which he had no license.

Pembina Pioneer Express, 6/11/1909


Posted 05/26/2015