His Peculations


Drank Ammonia for Medicine by Mistake.

Rev. J. P. Schell of Rolla met with a serious and painful accident. He went to the medicine cabinet to get a bottle of medicine, and by mistake picked up a bottle containing ammonia. As the medicine he intended to take has a bitter, nauseous taste he was accustomed to swallow it quickly. In this instance he disposed of it so quickly that the fumes of the ammonia did not attract his attention. Too late he discovered the mistake, and Mrs. Schell ran to his assistance. She administered beaten eggs until Drs. Verret and Plourde arrived and afforded relief. At the present time Mr. Schell is comparatively free from pain, but he cannot speak above a whisper, and it is feared that his vocal chords and bronchial tubes are affected, whether permanently or not is yet to be determined. Mr. Schell is expected to attend the general assembly of the Presbyterian church at Kansas City, Mo. If able, he will start on his Southern trip next week.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 5/29/1908


Posted 05/27/2015