Seemed Hungry

Shoots His Daughter

Bismarck, N.D., Dec. 12.—Miss Anna Nellson, a young girl residing near Glencoe, was brought to this city suffering from a wound accidentally inflicted by a shotgun in the hands of her father.

The story of the accident as told by an eyewitness is that the hired man on the farm was cleaning the gun when Mr. Nellson, the father of the injured girl, did not thoroughly understand the mechanism of the firearm and took over the job. In some unaccountable manner the gun was discharged, the charge entering the girl's right leg between the knee and thigh. A large hole was blown in the limb and a part of the bone shot away.

The injury was entirely accidental, but it was another case of "didn't know it was loaded." The girl was taken to the Bismarck hospital, where an operation for amputation of the limb will be performed as soon as she is in a condition to undergo it.

Williston Graphic, 12/30/1909


Posted 01/17/2015