Charles Gates of This City is Blown out of a Baggage Car at Williston Sunday.

Chas. Gates, a brakeman on a freight train, who makes his headquarters in this city, was badly injured at Williston by an explosion in the baggage car of the passenger train, about 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. His leg and arm were broken, but the report given in another local paper to the effect that a leg and arm were blown off, is totally false. A bad gash was cut across the eye but from the latest reports, the Independent is given to understand that the man is not in much danger. His wife who resides in this city, received a telegram Tuesday morning stating that her husband and another railroad man by the name of Smith were receiving the best of care in the hotel at Williston.

Mr. Gates' train was stopped at Williston to wait for the passenger train which leaves Minot each forenoon at 10:45. When the train pulled into Williston, it was noticed that the baggage car was on fire and Mr. Gates and two other railroad men jumped into the car trying to put out the fire. The gasoline in the tank under the car exploded and Gates and Smith were blown clear out of the car. The bottom of the car was blown out. The explosion was terrific. Many windows in Williston where blown out and the town was badly shaken. Mr. Gates arose on one leg and attempted to lift Mr. Smith and Smith grawled up and attempted to assist his comrade to arise. Then both fell helpless to the ground. At first it was thought that Mr. Gates could not live but upon examination his injuries were not so great as first anticipated. Mr. Longeman, the engineer tells of the explosion. His engine was near the water tank while the explosion took place near the depot. The windows of his engine were blown out.

Ward County Independent, 11/18/1903

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