Weary Wait


A Young Lady Sees a Messenger From Heaven in the Shape of a Dove.

Strange and Unaccountable Things Have Occurred in the House Since Its Advent.

Stove Griddles Dance, Ghostly Sounds Are Heard, and Articles Mysteriously Disappear

MADELIA, Minn., July 2—Miss Nelson is an 18-year-old daughter of H. Nelson, living nine miles northeast of this place, has seen what she thinks is a messenger from Heaven in the shape of a white dove carrying an open book. Miss Nelson called a sister to see the vision, but t was visible to no one except herself. The dove passed acrossed the bed chamber and disappeared at the foot of the bed, and since that time the household has been disturbed by rappings, stove griddles rattling on the stove, whistling and humming of tunes, which sounds cannot be located, but resemble the human voice.

These are not only heard by the young lady, but by any one present in the house either day or night. And so far no one has been able to locate the strange sounds or tell what would cause the stove griddles to dance. This latter happens only when the young lady passes by, but not near enough to touch anything.

Another mysterious thing in connection with the affair is that small articles belonging to Miss Nelson are continually disappearing, even when the house is locked and a watch kept around the place, the largest article being a dress, and part of this a skirt, being found in a tree in the yard the next morning.

The Norwegian Lutheran pastor held a meeting in the house, hoping by this means to drive the ghostly and spiritualistic sounds away. There were about a hundred people present, and all that could get in the house came away satisfied that these sounds were heard and the stories were not all fiction.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 7/3/1891

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