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Good Reel of Pictures Shown at the Agricultural College This Afternoon.

Farming With Dynamite was the subject of a reel of moving pictures shown at the agricultural college this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock as one of the weekly educational films that have attracted so much attention among students and townspeople.

The film shown this afternoon was loaned by the Du Pont Powder Co., and takes in all phases of farm work where dynamite plays a part. It shows the use of the explosive in planting trees, plowing, making of trainage ditches and many other works.

The showing of the film was accompanied by a lecture by Dean. E. S. Keene of the engineering department. Last evening Dean Keene gave a special exhibition of this picture and gave his lecture for the benefit of the students in the agricultural chemical class.

A film from the Cushman Motor Co., will also show this afternoon.

The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, 2/5/1915

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