Accused of Fratricide.

Anton Shor is accused of killing his brother, Joseph Shor, by running a pickaxe through his heart. Joseph was putting a fence across a section line, shutting Anton out from going to his land unless he went the other way, a mile and a half longer. Joseph refused to put in a gate and a quarrel ensued. Anton is thirty years old and has a wife and one child.

Joseph is survived by a widow and two children and is said to have been looked upon as a bad character, while Anton has the best of reputation. He was brought to Grafton by Deputy Sheriff Jacobson and held in jail awaiting the verdict of the coroner's jury. Self-defense is likely the plea.

Another brother of the defendant hanged himself about three years ago in the cell where Shor is now confined.

Bowbells Tribune, 6/15/1906

Barb Wire Fence

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