Badly Crushed

Drowned In Water Tank

Body Found by the Hired Man on His Return from Work in the Field.

The sad and peculiar circumstances which surround the death of the three year old son and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hegseth, who live about three miles north of Sentinel Butte, on Monday last, has caused a shock to the entire community. Mr. Hegseth was away from home at the time of the accident.

As near as we can learn the particulars they are as follows:

About the time the hired man came in from the field, the little fellow went out to play in the yard, but whether he was seen by the hired man is not known but when he took the horses to the water tank for a drink he was horrified to find the lifeless body of the little boy, who had evidently went to that particular place, knowing that there is where he would first see his father. A physician was immediately telephoned for and everything that could be thought of was done in the way of resuscitation, but without avail. He is the only child and his death is an exceptionally severe bereavement to the afflicted parents, to whom the sympathy of the entire community is extended.

The funeral services were held at Sentinel Butte on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Theo. Bursett of the Lutheran church of this city oiciating. {sp} Interment was made at the Sentinel Butte cemetery.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/12/1914


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