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Devils Lake, N. D., March 27.—With the charge of attempted murder, depending on the recovery of one of his victims and the charge of fiendish assault on the daughter of the woman he attempted to kill, Michael Ulick, is tonight held in a cell in the Ramsey county jail, mute with consciousness of the awful crimes which he committed.

Sneaking up behind a rig in which Mrs. Bernhard Wessels, her daughter, Sarah, age 18 years, and a little sister, were riding last night, Ulick fired two shots into the mother's head. Her body dropped out of the rig, and leaving it for dead on the public highway which forms the county boundary line between Nelson and Ramsey counties, Ulick took her seat in the vehicle, and driving to a nearby woods, subjected the daughter to a brutal assault. This morning Ulick drove into Lakota, where he was apprehended by Sheriff Martin Olson, who, with Deputy Ed Elliott, scoured the country south of Doyon early today. The man was brought to Devils Lake this evening.

Ulick came to North Dakota from Long Prairie, Minn. For 12 years he has lived in the country northeast of Hamar, working the Jess Kelley farm, which is in Odessa township. The Wessels' farm is just across the line in Nelson county. According to what can be learned Ulick has directed attention to Miss Wessels for some time. The mother objected to his coming to the place and a hatred between them was engendered.

Valley City Weekly Times-Record, 4/1/1915

Ugly Wound In The Head

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