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Lisbon has a sensation and the Gazette says: An incident of female frenzy and revenge, with nearly fatal results, occurred at a farm house a few miles from town last Friday evening, forcibly illustrating the oft-quoted "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." The occurrence, as the particulars have leaked out, was as follows: A woman, a stranger in this region, knocked at the door of the farm house, and when the lady of the house, who was alone, opened the door the woman outside exclaimed, "You are the person I want to see!" and springing upon the other like an enraged tigress, seized her by the hair and throwing her to the ground fastened her fingers around the victim's throat and choking her into insensibility, left her lying upon the ground, thinking, no doubt, that her victim was dead, and in which condition the murderously assaulted woman was found by the husband on his return from the barn where he and a hired man were engaged doing the chores, the assailant having in the meantiime {sp} disappeared. Secreted in the hair of the assaulted lady was a note addressed to her husband, calling attention to his disfigured wife and ending with the expression "Revenge is sweet."

Bismarck Weekly Tribune, 3/18/1898

Poison Peas

Posted 03/27/2017