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Kintyre, Woman Quite Badly Burled When Flame From Iron Ignited Fluid.

Kintyre, N. D., Sept. 10.—While ironing with an alcohol flat iron recently Mrs. H. Sundahl, residing here, met with a painful, but it is not thought necessarily fatal, accident, when her clothing caught fire from the alcohol, ignited from the flat iron and she was severely burned about the wrist and lower limbs.

She was engaged in her work near the kitchen door, which was closed and the baby, suddenly opening it, permitted a draft to whip the flame from the iron into the can of alcohol nearby. Mrs. Sundahl's clothing was almost instantly a mass of flames and she ran to the yard, screaming for help and in great agony. The men had returned from the field and came to her assistance, her clothing being hurriedly cut from her and the flames extinguished. She was taken to the hospital where she is reported to be doing as well as could be expected.

Bismarck Tribune, 9/11/1914

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