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Mrs. C Reinhart Suffers Injury

Badly Injured In Falling Down A Flight of Stairs Wednesday.

Fell Backward, Breaking Her Wrist and a Bone in the Shoulder

Mrs. Charles Reinhart, who lives at 214 Ninth street south, is in St. Ansgar's hospital today as the result of injuries which she received when she fell down stairs at her home Wednesday afternoon. She suffered a broken right shoulder and wrist.

It seems that Mrs. Reinhart was going upstairs and in some way lost her balance and fell down backwards, striking in such a way as to break the shoulder and wrist so badly that the bones protruded through the flesh.

The injured woman, who lives alone, called for help but no one heard her and she finally managed to get to her feet and get outside and over to a neighbor's house.

Moorhead Daily News, 12/20/1923

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