Hates Sheriff



Minot Aug. 4.—"Never felt better in my life," were the first words that dropped from the lips of Hans Thorpe, the condemned murderer, in a reply to a question from a Minot Optic representative.

The doomed man was found sitting at a small table in the corridor of the jail meditatively playing a game of solitary when the reporter entered. He was in his shirt sleeves and pinned upon his unbuttoned vest just over his heart he wore a picture of Ida Thorpe, his wife, who but a few months ago, in a fit of jealous rage, cruelly he murdered by sending a bullet through her brain.

"Of course," said the condemned man, "I killed my wife. I would not do it in the way I am feeling now, but I was not drunk at the time. I was driven to desperation. I was practically insane at the time, but that, of course, makes no difference in my case and I am ready and willing to pay the penalty. My brother-in-law, Albert, is responsible for her death. He drove me to it. No, I do not want any preachers and priests. I have nothing to confess and besides I do not believe there is either a heaven or a hell. I will be dead, that is all. I have had a lifetime to adopt the hereafter theory and I am not going to "back in" now. The sheriff said I could talk two hours on the scaffold, and that will do me. How am I treated? Well I want to say that I have no complaints to make. I have been treated nicely. Just one little spat, but it's all right now. Mr. Carroll and his assistants have treated me well, if not better than I could have expected under the circumstances. I have plenty to eat and a good bed."

Bismarck Tribune, 8/4/1900

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