Watered Watches

The Vermillion Standard of last Saturday says that on the previous Sunday evening two young ladies of that place, Miss Rhoda Anderson and Miss Hamie Hendricks, left their respective homes for the purpose of eloping with a couple of young bloods. Their plans do not seem to have been well arranged, for somehow or other they missed connection. The girls were gone two days and nights before they were found, and the Standard adds: "Of course their parents were angry and frightened, and instituted a search, which resulted in the capture of the lassies in an old vacated dug out. The affair created considerable excitement through this vicinity. The father of one of the girls, supposing the girl had ran away to get married, went to Sioux City to head of {sic} the runaway couple, and it is whispered around that he would have made it exceedingly tropical for the gay Lothario had he found him in her company. The reception the young ladies received upon their arrival home has not been reported but it is probable that it was so entertaining that they will not have any further desire to run away."

Bismarck Tri-Weekly Tribune, 8-8-1877

John Horn

Posted 08/07/2012