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BERRY.—At Fargo. D. T., June 4th, a.m. 1879, Hiram E. Berry, of Mechanic's Falls, Maine, of an electric shock. Age, about 24 years.

Last week, during a severe thunder storm, Hiram E. Berry had been operating at a cutout in the tank house, at Lake Eckelson; he had just pulled the plug, and was standing near the cutout, when the lightning struck the wire, ran in the house and knocked him down on the floor. He did not feel the effects of the shock very bad after the first few moments, and was able to come here; but after his arrival complained of diziness {sp}, and numbness of his limbs, but kept up and did some operating until compelled to take to his bed.

On Saturday Mr. Harris sent him to Fargo, so that he could have proper medical attendance. Monday noon he was reported somewhat better, but alas it was only temporary; and Wednesday morning he breathed his last. He had a shock once before at Bismarck.

Mr. Berry's father is an agent at Mechanic's Falls, Maine, on the Grand Trunk Railroad and has been in the employ of that road for over 20 years.

Hiram was a pleasant young man, and was thought a great deal of by Mr. Harris and others that knew him. His last words here to a friend after he was carried on the train, were: "Thank the boys for their kindness to me." It will be a severe shock to his parents when they hear of his demis; {sp} and they have our sympathies as well as the people of Jamestown.

Jamestown Alert, 6/5/1879

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