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Stranger Whose Name is Unknown Killed by Switch Engine in Mandan.

A man whose name could not be learned was run down and killed by a switch engine in Mandan last night. The man had been riding on the tender of No. 1, with a companion. He was ordered off by the engineer, as the train was changing engines, and stepped directly in front of the switch engine on the next track. He was killed instantly, the body being badly crushed. His companion, when he saw what had happened, jumped down from the other side of No. 1's tender, and ran away.

The man who was killed was fairly well dressed, but no mark of identification could be found on him. He had some money and carried a large revolver. The body was taken at once to the Kennelly Undertaking Parlors, where it is being held for identification. It is thought that possibly the men were planning a hold-up of the train, and that the man's companion feared arrest for that reason.

Bismarck Tribune, 7/14/1914

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Posted 06/27/2015