Bootlegger Suicided

Deliberate Suicide.

Rolla.—Peter Hietala, a Finlander, made elaborate preparation for his suicide, which occurred at his farm 12 miles east of here. He put on his best clothes and left full directions for the disposition of his body. On the door of his house he pinned up a notice that no one except his brothers were to enter. The notice was read by one of his neighbors, and he immediately notified several other neighbors, who returned with him to the house and broke in the door. They found Hietala lying dead on the floor, and a bullet wound in his forehead, and a revolver clutched in his right hand. Hietala was a widower about 40 years of age, and no cause for his suicide can be imagined. Two brothers live in the state, August Hietala, at Brochet, and Abram Hietala, at Stanley.

Williston Graphic, 4/20/1906

Balky Mule

Posted 05/04/2017