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Hurley, S. D., Feb. 6—A distinct and sharp earthquake was felt here at 6 o'clock. The rumbling was felt ten seconds and passed from west to east. It was severe enough to shake the windows and articles hanging on the walls.

Elk Point, S. D., Feb. 6—An earthquake was felt at 5:40 o'clock. It was of three seconds duration. Houses shook, and doors, windows and dishes rattled. People were awakened in alarm.

Tyndall, S. D., Feb. 6.— A distinct earthquake shock was felt here. It seemed to pass from northwest to southeast.

Yankton, S. D., Feb. 6.—A violent earthquake shock was felt here. The disturbance was very marked and lasted about twenty-five seconds.

Dickinson Press, 2/8/1896

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