Minot Bell Boy Tries Few Puffs, but They Soothe Him to Sleep.

Minot, N. D., Feb. 5.—David Lewis, night bell hop at the Waverly hotel, had a vivid illustration this morning of the evils and dangers of cigarette smoking.

When Lewis went to bed at 7 o'clock yesterday morning he thought that he would smoke one last "pill" before going to sleep. He lit the cigarette and lay comfortably in bed puffing at it.

The young man was very tired, however, and as a result fell asleep with the cigarette still between his lips. The natural result was that it fell onto the bed.

Lewis awoke speedily to find the bed clothes in flames. He got busy with remarkable clarity and managed to extinguish the blaze before either he or the room had suffered serious damage.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 2/8/1913


Posted 02/09/2018