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Details of Affair are Meagere {sp}— Only Witnesses Were Two Small Children—Flora Greger Killed as Result of Accident—Was on Her Way to School.

Manning, Dunn County, May 18.—Flora, the eleven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Greger, who live near Brooks, met death in a horrible manner by being thrown from her saddle pony and dragged for about a half mile across the prairie.

The details of the horrible affair are meagere {sp}, the only eye witnesses to the accident being two neighboring children who were with the unfortunate girl. She started for school in company with the Figley children, all on saddle ponies, and when about a mile from home Flora's pony became frightened and jumped to one side. The cinch was loosened and the saddle turned, throwing her underneath the pony, and, in falling, her foot was caught in the stirrup strap. The pony started running and kicking and at every step the young girl's life was tarmpled {sp} out, all of her clothing being torn from her body. The pony ran for about half a mile and stopped when the lifeless form was released from the saddle. The Figley children were very much excited, but rode to the school house as fast as they could to give the alarm that Flora had been hurt and led the way to the spot where the lifeless form was found. The body was then moved to the Creger home, and on eramination {sp} it was found that the bones in both arms and legs had been broken and cuts and bruises were found all over the body. It was impossible to tell from which wound death resulted.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 5/19/1909

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