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Alleged Evader of Draft Act is Lodged In Jail

James Herr, Linton Man, is Caught by State Authorities After Three Years


After three years alleged evasion of the draft, James Herr, 26 years old, of Linton, is in the county jail here today and will be taken to Fort Snelling, Minn., tonight to be tried by military court-martial.

Herr was arrested after ex-soldiers of Linton had reported to Adjutant General Fraser that Herr had come back from Canada, where he was said to be in hiding, and was to be seen daily.

After Herr is said to have registered he was called in August 1917, but could not be found, according to the Adjutant-General. He is said to have fled to Montana and then to Canada.

Herr, when he talked to the attaches of the adjutant-general's office, had nothing to say in his offense, and did not seem to be badly worried.

Other draft evaders will be apprehended, the adjutant-general said.

"This fellow thought that he would be safe in coming back now that the war is over," said Adjutant-General Fraser. "Such men all are subject to arrest and trial by military court-martial as deserters from the army, and sentence to hard labor at Ft. Leavenworth.

"The prosecution of these men has not stopped simply because the war is over, and will be continued."

Herr's father is a farmer.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-19-1919

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