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Naked Man Crazed With Moonshine Found In Farmer's House

Minot, N.D., May 17th—A member of the road building crew employed by Stevens Bros. in charge of a road building project near Burlington was picked up at Burlington Friday, insane from drinking too much moonshine. The fellow took off every stitch of clothing and covered himself in mud, then entered a farm home near Burlington where he was found in the kitchen by the farmer's son when he went to build the fire. The fellow was fitted out with overalls and a jacket and brought to Minot. He appeared before the insanity board Saturday, who continued the case until Monday, believing the man would recover as soon as the effect of the jackrabbit whiskey wore off. It is said the fellow had been drinking a quart of moonshine daily.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-17-1922

Baby Scalped

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