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Dilute Your Own "Booze"

One of Bismarck's old-time "boozers" some time ago billed himself in all the saloons that he was determined to "booze" and smoke no more—the Mayor and Dakota liquor law helping him out. A few days ago, however, he longed for a "smile", and to that end procured a bottle of alcohol. He wished it diluted, and called upon a next door neighbor to procure the necessary amount of water. The lady took the bottle, went to the well, and innocently emptied and rinsed it out, filled it with pure water, and returned it to the "boozer", who went across the street to take a swig. Imagine his surprise, kind reader, and remember this moral: Dilute your own "booze."

Bismarck Tribune, 5/13/1881

Killed by Lightning

Posted 04/08/2013