Murder At Mitchell


C.A. Miller Suffers Severe Scalp Wounds While Working on Farm

The protection of a heavy overcoat is believed to be all that saved the life of C.A. Miller, a farm hand employed on the Oscar Anderson farm, 10 miles southeast of this city. Miller is in the St. Alexius hospital suffering from two severe lacerations of the scalp and other wounds. He is expected to recover.

Miller was driving a team attached to a horse rake. The horses became frightened at a blown tumble weed, bolted and smashed the rake tongue. Miller was knocked off his seat and fell under the rake. His body was picked up by the sharp pointed tongs of the rake and rolled along the ground for a considerable distance before a sudden jerk of the rake freed his body.

Bleeding profusely from the head and face, Miller walked several hundred yards to where another employee was working. The horses were caught and Miller assisted in driving them to the barn. He bathed his injured head and ate his meal, after which he complained of feeling very tired. A closer scrutiny of the wounds convinced Anderson that Miller should be rushed to Bismarck for medical treatment. When examined by surgeons here, Miller was found to have one scalp wound five inches long and another almost as long and deep.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/8/1920


Posted 04/11/2013